Depending on your location, winter in North America can mean just about anything. From a simple drop in temperature, to slippery surfaces or an avalanche of snow accumulation, anything is possible when the mercury begins to drop. No matter where you are, ice is always an issue. From east to west, slips and falls are a real problem – but our Gorillas can help!

Proper Salting: What to Know

Just because it is winter does not mean that it is always cold outside. Sunshine during the day can warm sidewalks, roadways and structures. This might make for an excellent day outdoors but it also leads to snow melt. Whether you live in a snow-covered area or a rainy environment, it is a different story after the sun sets.

Overnight, temperatures drop below freezing, which means re-freezing. Property owners might wake up, only to find their sidewalks look more like ice rinks than a safe place to step. Whether you are working with a residential or commercial property, a slip and fall on ice can mean a lot of liability, personal injury and a whole lot of headache.

In order to keep individuals safe, there are by-laws in place to protect guests, passersby and civil servants, like mail carriers that come to your front door. Failing to keep up with your salting can mean heavy fines, so avoid the aggravation by calling in a property maintenance professional.

Going Gorilla

Instead of just throwing down a fistful of road salt, Gorilla crews take a more in-depth approach to the salting process. For example, identifying sharp angles that might be prime for water collection will be treated according to the possibility of pooling. Keeping an eye on your drainage is important!

The size and style of your property will also play a role in your treatment technique and that is why assessment is important. Our Gorilla crews are local to your area and understand the needs of each unique space. There is no one more committed to results than members of your community.

Snow removal and salting services are not available in all regions. Call today to find out if winter maintenance services are available in your area and have one of our Gorilla swing into action.