It can be tough to plan for warmer weather when managing snow or chilly temperatures. Getting cozy indoors is a great way to pass those winter months but as temperatures take a turn for the better, it is time to turn your attention outside! Excess moisture, salt stains, heavy winds, rain and budding plant life all leave their mark on the outside of your property. Whether you are dealing with a single home, commercial space or multi-unit structure, looks are always important. Keeping up with curb appeal is great for real estate purposes but regular care and maintenance has other benefits as well. Keep your spaces running smoothly while preserving their condition, all with a bit of TLC from our Gorilla experts.

Common Causes For Concern

When Spring rolls around, it can be difficult to know exactly which services should be prioritized. Unfortunately, one of the main causes for concern happens to be one of the most difficult areas to clean. Roofing is a problem area for just about everyone. In addition to being tough to reach, these areas are slippery, dangerous and need a very specific type of care. Roof clutter happens throughout the year but is more prominent during Fall and Spring. Roof clutter not only looks terrible but it paves the way for much bigger problems moving forward. Organics hold onto moisture, holding it against sensitive materials like wooden decking. This leads to softening and wear but it also means moss, mold, rot and invasive growth. If left unchecked, all of these lead to costly repairs and replacements.

De-cluttering roofing is a top priority but so are cleaning out your gutters. For every piece of material that you remove from your roof, there is one that makes its way into your drainage system. Whether it is large or small, any type of clutter is bad news when it finds its way into your system. Bit by bit blockages build up, creating clogs and preventing water from passing through systems. Sitting water attracts pests, as well as weighs down pipes. In addition to these issues, water resting against roofing material can also soften and rot the area.

With so many concerns happening overhead, ground level grime can be ignored. Regular pressure washing not only leaves walls, driveways and structures looking great but it also helps to keep harder materials from wearing down and breaking. Sitting salt stains, algae, moss all leave a mark on properties, and not always in the way that you think. Even hard surfaces like concrete are porous, which means these troublesome growths can seep down, causing damage from the inside, out. A bit of pressure, environmentally friendly disinfectants and care can mean keeping your space in great shape, all year round.