Winter cold and snow can cause large-scale damage to your property if left neglected. Salt, heavy winds, rain, snow, and excess moisture, all leave their stains on the outside of your house. Exterior washing will improve the curb appeal of a single home, commercial space, or multi-unit structure after a long cold winter. Also, regular pressure washing helps to keep harder materials from wearing down and breaking.  A bit of T.L.C. from our Gorilla experts will keep your space in great shape, all year round.

Make a list in order of priority

There are a lot of tasks to complete in order to make surrounding areas look good. We highly recommend making list in order of priority and putting the most noticeable areas at the top of the list. While you are busy cleaning your house inside, let the professionals take care of your houses exterior. Soft / house washing, pressure washing, window cleaning should be the top services on your list followed by roof cleaning, moss removal, and gutter cleaning in summer.

Exterior Cleaning / Exterior soft washing

Retaining walls, decks, patios, and siding all need a bit of T.L.C. from time to time. By offering options for both pressure washing and soft washing, Gorilla crews can remove years of dirt buildup and stains. The clean exterior of the house brings up the value and aesthetic appearance of the whole neighborhood. Washed and clean commercial buildings attract customers and tenants, and show you care about your business. Soft washing uses low pressure to clear out even the most stubborn areas. This process improves not only the overall look of your property but its condition as well.

Window cleaning

Windows get perhaps the dirtiest of all the exteriors over the winter. This is a priority cleaning job when spring comes. Let the professionals handle it. Gorilla will take care of your windows so you can enjoy more natural light in spring, giving you better views on the neighborhood. Hiring a professional window cleaning service means that your fixtures are cleaned safely and properly. Instead of pushing build-up into a corner, our Gorillas clean out every crack, crevice, and angle.

Patio, decks, and fences

Springtime is the perfect season for pressure washing your patio or deck. As the days are getting longer and warmer you may want to enjoy hosting parties and gatherings on your patios. It is a good idea to remove all the dirt and debris that accumulated over the winter of your patios and decks before inviting your friends over. Clean patios and decks are not only nicer to look at, but they are also pleasant to sit on. Pressure washing uses high-pressure sprays and is best suited for harder, more durable materials like concrete, hardwood decking, or a natural stone patio. This type of cleaning service will be able to remove deeply embedded dirt with ease, making your patio or deck surface look almost like new.

Contact Gorillas for your spring cleaning

Now that you have an idea of what needs to be done as part of your exterior spring cleaning, you can contact your trusted neighborhood Gorillas, who have years of experience in providing all these washing services!