As spring is beginning to peak out from behind winter’s shadow, everyone is keen to get outside. The nights might still be chilly but that does not deter graffiti artists from hitting the streets. Problems with spray paints are not seasonal and can pop up at any given time! You might go to bed with clean walls or windows, only to wake up and find an unwanted design.

Your home or storefront might have kept you warm throughout winter, and now it is time to return the favour with our graffiti removal services.

Spray paints are easy to come across. There is hardly a department or hardware store around that does not sell aerosol paints in one way or another. These tools are easy to transport, light to carry and a real problem for property owners. Since we can’t get rid of spray paint as a whole, we need to learn how to deal with them! Over the years, our Gorillas have dealt with all every sort of paint type on every sort of exterior and developed a plan to handle them all.

When you are in need of graffiti removal, the key to success is having the right team in your corner. Over the years, our Gorillas have developed a multi-step process to get rid of graffiti on any surface. By combining Gorilla Foaming Cleansers, elbow grease and a bit of creativity, our Gorillas are always working to keep our community clean. Don’t spend another day advertising any unwanted designs when our graffiti removal services can have your home or storefront looking great in no time at all! Call today to book an appointment with one of our Gorillas.