Clearing snow buildup off of a single walkway might be a minor inconvenience but larger, commercial spaces are in a league of their own. Driveways and walkways around homes need to be cleared away for guests and visitors while a blocked entrance can make or break a work day for businesses. Trying to take care of complicated pathways or large areas like parking lots can be overwhelming, taking hours and hours of manual labour. Instead of spending your time and energy stuck outside in the cold, have a Gorilla handle snow and ice removal around your commercial property.

Navigating the Winter Season

No matter where you are in the world, winter packs a punch. Some cities might be dealing with large dumps of snow while others only have to contend with a drop in temperature. No matter which sort of season you are dealing with, there are always maintenance issues to consider. From snow buildup to ice formation, there is always something that needs your care and attention. Passing a shovel over concrete or throwing down a fistful of ice is not enough to get the results that you need and that is where our experts come in.

For those winter wonderlands, our Gorillas are outfitted with top of the line tools to treat any property type. From snow blowers to plows, there is no space too large for our highly trained team. The right machines are great, but there is no tool more effective than the right sort of knowledge. After years in the industry, our specialists know all the tricks to get the right results for properties in our area. Laying down ice seems simple but it is more of a science than meets the eye. When you want the best results, it is important to look at the angles around your space and where moisture and snow melt might collect.

Life for business owners is complicated enough without having to worry about their property maintenance. Instead of starting your day with an unwelcome surprise, our experts offer up 24/7 emergency services. If there is a storm overnight, Gorillas will arrive at your property with the right tools and plan of attack to get your space cleared quickly and effectively. Blocked walkways can mean heavy fines and by-law violations. Don’t get caught with unnecessary costs when there are always Gorillas patrolling your neighbourhood.