A clean space can mean a fresh start but that doesn’t mean that you have to move! If your property is looking beat up or run down, let our Gorillas supply a clean slate with our soft washing services. Soft washing or house washing is used to strip years of dirt, grime and mildew from homes, businesses and strata properties without the risk of damage. A heavy-handed approach to outdoor cleaning can mean unnecessary damage or even bodily harm. Instead of taking the risk, get the most out of your construction materials with a bit of help from the professionals.

More Than Meets the Eye

The most common culprits of stains and discolourations around properties are dirt and organic growth. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, algae, moss and mold do not need much help in taking root across properties. All it takes is a bit of moisture for one small patch to form and before you know it, you are being overrun with unwanted growth. If left to sit, these splotches spread and become dangerous. Algae, for example, holds moisture against construction materials, meaning breakage and unnecessary repairs.

As a whole, property maintenance is complicated and full of moving parts, not the least of which is house washing. Now, this does not mean that this service is reserved for residential houses, but it can be applied to walls, decks, patios and exterior spaces everywhere. Instead of using high-pressure sprays to dig deep into cracks and crevices, low pressure sprays are the better option. A lighter touch allows water to carry disinfectant cleansers into dips and grooves. An expert hand can then spray away stains, leave your space looking brand new.

Getting Results

For many property owners, washing walls is a matter of pointing and shooting but this just isn’t the case. In order to get the right results, our Gorillas inspect, treat and inspect areas again! By attacking algae and discolourations in a multi-step process, homes and businesses are left looking their best.