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  • Specialty cleaning for vinyl siding & sensitive surfaces
  • Can reach up to 5 stories from the ground
  • Non-abrasive
  • Machine fed Eco-foam
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Properties around Vancouver are seen as investment pieces. It might take a long time to earn these investments but the work doesn’t stop there! Maintaining residential or commercial properties is concerned with no only overall condition, but the visual aspects as well. A proper exterior cleaning service helps to improve both of these areas without any hassle to owners! Put your feet up and your mind at ease with a little help from a friendly Gorilla and a Vancouver soft washing service.

The Importance of Regular Soft Washing

When temperatures take a turn, it is easy to camp out indoors and wait for clear skies. Outer walls along homes, storefronts or multi-unit properties are not so lucky. The exterior of your property, however, has to deal with stains, algae, mold and mildew. These elemental issues will always leave a mark against your home or workplace and these marks are known to drag down curb appeal. Some of the most common culprits of heavy staining are salt stains, man-made discolourations and natural growth. More so than just creating an unappealing visual, these marks can damage materials themselves. No one ever wants bacteria sitting around their property, but you can’t always fight it! Algae, mildew, moss and other growths have a tendency to take over properties, and cause damage. Soft washing can extend the lifespan of your construction materials without any hassle on your end.

Just because your driveways, retaining walls or concrete structures are hard to the touch, does not mean that they are invincible. In fact, concrete is a porous material, meaning that foreign materials can soak into pores on surfaces. Over time, items that seep into pores, weaken concrete and can lead to damage. The soft wash process extends the lifespan of, not only concrete, but any sensitive surfaces around your space. Pressure washing an area might blast away a bit of debris but this process of house washing is not always enough to remove all staining. Trying to ditch discolouration by power washing can also cause damage to sensitive areas such as stucco or vinyl siding. Calling in a professional maintenance or cleaning company prevents unnecessary damage while leaving your place looking its best.

Going Gorilla for Soft Washing

Treating a home’s exterior surfaces is much different than trying to tackle basic interior areas. Each outdoor area requires its own light touch and treatment methods. What makes for a successful window cleaning or gutter cleaning will not apply to house washing services. Luckily for our clients, every Gorilla goes through a rigorous training process – so we know how to treat your property right! The only way to get consistently great results is to implement a multi-step treatment process. By applying cleaning solutions, a bit of scrubbing and low pressure water sprays, every inch of your property is cleaned out.

In a crowded industry, it is important to set yourself apart. There are plenty of ways to do this, both good and bad – but our Gorillas have a great reputation based around customer service and results. Instead of telling our clients what they want – we listen! By working alongside clients, our Gorillas are able to treat all problem areas and get the desired results every time. Because our Gorillas are all local to your area, you will never be left waiting! Prompt service, expert results and after-care are all a part of the Gorilla method to service. If stains are making the wrong first impression of your property, all it takes is a Gorilla to carry out your soft wash, house cleaning.

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