Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

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The world knows Vancouver for its gorgeous views, hiking trails and winter sports. However, for those who choose to make their homes within the city limits, owning a property takes work! Thankfully, our Gorillas are here to save the day with our Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal.

In Vancouver, the winters are the warmest in all of Canada but also the wettest. With an average annual precipitation of 62.5 inches in the downtown area, water is hard to avoid. Moss, lichen and algae thrive in this damp shady environment particularly on the north facing roof top areas and/or heavily treed areas of your  property. Overhanging trees give shade while shedding moisture-retaining debris, but also allow moss spores to be easily transferred to the roof. Clients who make regular use of our Vancouver roof cleaning and moss remove can see a huge improvement quickly. Moss and debris collects along the surface of your roof but it is crucial to avoid it spreading.

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Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Safety First

Our Gorillas carry out your Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal as a registered member of WORKSAFE BC. Safety and maximizing your property’s potential are paramount to our Gorillas. Safety equipment is inspected prior to starting any project. Following the installation of the equipment but prior to commencing the service, a walk-around of the property is performed. Clients love the aesthetic improvements to their properties! Not only that, but you are extending the life of your roof.

Vancouver Specials are a dime a dozen in older areas. Moss becomes so laden down that they look like they could collapse at any moment! They all had to start somewhere so instead of heading down that mossy road, give Gorilla Property Services a call and ask about our Roof Cleaning Vancouver Service today!

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