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Making homes within Vancouver city limits means creating a maintenance program that keeps up appearances while improving the condition of your property. If routine maintenance, algae removal and roof clearing seem to be out of reach, just call a Gorilla! Proper Vancouver roof cleaning and moss removal can ditch stains, boost curb appeal and keep residential and commercial rooftops in good condition throughout the year.

Regulating Roof Maintenance

In Vancouver, the winters are the warmest in all of Canada but also the wettest. With an average annual precipitation of 62.5 inches in the downtown area, water is hard to avoid! This moisture gives moss and algae all that it needs to thrive, leading to roof stains and damaging construction materials. Rain and snow melt play a part but so does roof clutter. Leaves, sticks and other organics fall from surrounding trees and plants, only to sit on roof surfaces. These encourage moss to spread, pests to stick around and can mean leaks, mold and water damage. Property owners who enlist specialized moss removal services see a huge improvement quickly! Moss and debris might collect along the surface of your roof but experienced roof cleaning services can help to avoid it spreading. If neglected, this type of invasive growth can lead to an expensive roof replacement. Ditch the cost by calling a Gorilla.

When stains begin to appear around your home’s exterior, house cleaning service is a no-brainer but setting foot on your roof is a dangerous undertaking. Just aiming a pressure washer at gutters and downspouts or roof stains does not do an amazing job of clearing away debris. Roofs might be the first, last and strongest line of defence against the outside elements, but these surfaces need a bit of help to keep going! This leaves many homeowners wondering: “what is the best way to clean my roof?” The short answer is, by calling a professional cleaning service to just get up there!

Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal: Safety First

Cleaning a roof is a precarious job. Safety is a top priority but so are results. Amateur methods usually involve a broom and ladder. This approach leaves property owners opened to slips and falls, never mind property damage. Softened materials can be scraped away meaning damage to your roof while pressure washing can damage delicate materials like roof tiles. If performed improperly moss removal can cause a lot of damage. While heavy-duty solutions like power washing might seem like a great idea, they are too powerful for some materials. These tools might be able to strip algae but soft washing gets roofing moss free safely and effectively. High pressure roof cleaners can cause breakage to sensitive materials like asphalt roofs. Our Gorillas are here to make sure that your cleaning project doesn’t turn into a mess!

Instead of using harsh chemicals, our experts use eco-friendly cleaning agents. This combined with the right fall protection gear and technical equipment make for great results every time. The first step to any success story is an inspection. Once we know what we are dealing with, the fun can begin! Whether your roof is made up of concrete, asphalt or fibreglass shingles, our team can handle it! Our Gorillas carry out your maintenance needs as a registered member of WorkSafe B.C, so clients can expect liability insurance. Clients love the aesthetic improvements to their properties. Not only that, but you are extending the life of your roof.

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