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  • Reach up to 4 stories high from the ground
  • Water fed and/or by hand, using a squeegee
  • Frames and sills wiped clean
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Depending on the weather, even an ordinary window can brighten your day; can be a place to think or offer up an opportunity to enjoy the view. Glass can have a huge impact on your home or workspace. When panes are clean, property owners can see lower utility costs and a more appealing environment. Dirty glass, on the other hand, has its own negative consequences. If caring for your panes is – well, a pain, just call a Gorilla. A professional Selkirk window cleaning service helps to clear away dirt, buildup and debris while getting rid of streaks. Safe services, expert results and a friendly smile are only a phone call away.

Treating Your Property Type

Properties throughout Selkirk come in all shapes and sizes – some of which are more difficult to treat than others. Unlike basic algae treatments or pressure washing practices, interior and exterior window cleaning requires a light touch. For most property owners, basic cleaning means basic blue window cleaners and a roll or two of paper towels. These rudimentary tools might wipe away superficial streaks but there is a downside to the friction that comes from scrubbing surfaces. Static cling draws airborne debris right back to surfaces, which means all of your effort might be for nothing in the end. Instead of expending hours of effort, only to have your windows looking dirty again, call a professional window washing service for results that last.

For those dealing with taller structures, the main cause for concern is safety. Propping a ladder up against the outside of your home or business property can mean slips, falls, property damage or even a trip to the hospital. Walls and fixtures are not designed to handle the weight of a person. This additional weight can break frames, damage sills and even pull gutters away from their attachments. As difficult as outdoor areas can be, when it comes to windows, both exterior and interior glass needs a unique cleaning solution. The good news? Instead of taking a chance on dangerous cleaning practices, just off-load them to an expert.

The Gorilla Way of Life

After years in the industry, our team of Gorilla specialists have a fool-proof system to achieve a streak free shine, every time. Instead of harsh scrubbing, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and rubber tools help to neutralize static. When glass seems to be out of reach, our Gorillas aren’t afraid to hit new heights. Instead of scaling walls, water-fed poles do the dirty work for them! Tucker poles are able to reach windows up to four storeys, cleaning off panes, sills and frames.

Each member of the Gorilla team is fully insured to protect both themselves and your property. Local services mean that clients are not left waiting. Timely service and expert results are just a part of the Gorilla guarantee.

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