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Maintaining the interiors of busy homes across the Selkirk area, is time consuming enough. So much so, that outdoor spaces are often ignored. A bit of overgrown grass is not the end of the world but invasive growth like moss and algae are. Your roof is your most important line of defence against the outside world, but it is not as tough as you might think it is. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your roofing while a bit of neglect can mean costly repairs and even an early replacement. Save yourself the stress and trouble of rotten decking and water damage though a regular maintenance program. Professional Selkirk roof cleaning and moss removal helps care for your home or commercial property.

The Importance of Professional Roof Cleaning Services

The tricky part about roofs is that they are made up of many tricky parts. When climbing up onto a roof, moss makes things slippery while heights are always a danger. Even if you are able to safely reach the summit of your property, there is a right way and a wrong way to manage what you find. Many amateur practices involve hard bristle brushes and a chlorine bleach solution but these methods don’t get results and can end up causing damage. The right cleaning method can make all the difference to the outcome of your service and that is why our Gorillas get the job done right.

When at their best, roofs can keep you warm and dry, all while keeping unwanted items out. If left neglected, water damage, rot, mould and even pest infestations are all very possible and it all begins with roof clutter. Organic debris is designed to trap and hold moisture so that it can grow. This is great when it is attached to nearby plant life but as seasons change and it falls by the wayside, this added moisture becomes dangerous to construction materials. A damp environment means ample opportunity for moss to thrive. As moss grows, it spreads over and under shingles, softening decking and wood materials, wearing it away. Vulnerable areas like these can be blown apart by pressure washing. Renting out pressure washers and blasting away unwanted growth seems simple enough but it can mean leaks and flooding. When it is time to have gutters cleaned or roofs washed, trust the professionals to get the right results, safely and effectively.

The Gorilla Approach

With so many property maintenance firms roaming Selkirk and its surrounding areas, it is important to stand out from the competition and what better way to do that than through expert results and customer care. Instead of just brushing items off of your rooftop and onto your lawn, our Gorillas work to make sure that your property is not only looking its best but is in the best possible condition as well. In order to properly maintain your space, our specialists highly recommend twice annual services to beat back growth and other maintenance issues.

The first step to any successful roof cleaning is a proper assessment. This means addressing the condition of construction materials and the severity of any unwanted growth. Once surface debris is brushed away, soft washing can tackle more dense roofing while a gentle approach to removal can strip away harmful growth without damaging the surfaces underneath. By using eco-friendly cleaners harsh chemicals are kept out of your living or work space. Call today for a free quote on a clean slate.

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