Selkirk Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

Gutters are tough to reach and gross to get at. Window cleaning or pressure washing might give owners an arms length away from gunk but cleaning gutters by hand puts them right in the action. Your eavestrough and downspouts spend all year collecting dirt, debris and moisture, so it is no wonder that property owners put off regular cleaning. Traditional cleaning methods involve unsecured ladders, gloves and a bucket – but our Gorillas have found a better way. Hiring professional Selkirk gutter cleaning services means expert results, safety and peace of mind for our clients. Leave your ladders at the door and opt for specialized care around your home, business or strata property.

What is Blocking Up Your Gutters?

The average household in the Selkirk area has two perimeter drains: one at the ground level and another along the roof. This sky-high drainage system is known as an eavestrough or gutter system. These gutters are made up of both covered and uncovered areas. Strong winds, changing seasons or just the type of plant life around your property can have an impact on the condition of your pipes and downspouts. Leaves, sticks, needles, seed pods and pinecones fall to the opened areas of your system and begin a vicious cycle. Heavy items fall to the bottom of pipes, creating foundation layers that trap and hold onto new materials. Rain, snow melt and moisture carry these items into covered, tough to reach areas. Damp, covered environments are a perfect place for rodents to call home. This means that your system can be full of natural items and pests!

When water is unable to pass through your system, it just sits. Sitting water can be problematic for several reasons. The first is that stagnant water attracts unwanted bugs like mosquitos. As time passes, construction materials that are in contact with sitting water will wear away, paving the way for leaks, water damage and mould growth. The added weight of full gutters can also pull fixtures away from walls, meaning damage. If gutters are pulled away from their posts, your structure is at the mercy of the elements. With nowhere to go, rain, snow melt and moisture can collect around vulnerable areas, like foundations which can lead to flooding. It is tough to think that one simple drainage system can have such a huge impact on your living space, but they are there for a reason. Regular gutter maintenance eliminates buildup to keep your system running smoothly.

The Gorilla Gutter Cleaning Method

The Gorilla approach to clean gutters involves more than a pair of gloves and a bucket to collect waste. In order to keep both ourselves and our communities in good shape, our team arrives on scene with top of the line tools and safety equipment, like stand-offs for ladders and backpack vacuums for results. High powered vacuums suck both opened and covered areas clean. Before any job is considered complete, drains are water tested to ensure that there is nothing hidden just out of view. The difference between a good job and a great job is proper results and customer service. High quality tools and practices, along with free estimates and fully insured staff make all the difference to eavestrough cleaning in your area.

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