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From October to April, you can expect snow all across Manitoba and the surrounding areas.

Throughout the province snow comes down in light dustings or in heavy dumps but no matter how it falls, it has to be managed. There is hardly a property nation-wide that does not have a shovel (or two) sitting in a nearby shed. Manual labour might be the most traditional way to deal with snow accumulating but it is not always the most efficient. If your home or workplace is in danger of being buried, just call a Gorilla to dig you out. Our winter experts are able to treat properties of all sizes with our Selkirk snow removal and salting.

Digging Yourself Out With Professional Snow Clearing Services

In most cases, the majority of snow falls during late night or early morning hours. Depending on your regular schedule, this might mean waking up to an obstacle course. Climbing mounds of snow and skating across ice is not a pleasant way to start a morning – and neither is having to dig out a vehicle or sidewalk. Shovelling might be inconvenient but it has been a way of life for Manitobans. So, what is so bad about just using a snow shovel and a bit of elbow grease? Every year, hundreds of Canadians are admitted to the hospital due to injuries from slips, falls or sprains associated with DIY removals. Say goodbye to sore muscles and start enjoying the winter months with a bit of help from local specialists.

Managing minimalist spaces is simple enough but not all properties are simple. Pushing snow away from a single sidewalk or walkway might take an hour or two but larger commercial spaces can demand entire days. Parking lots, for example, are impossible to clear without the right tools. Strata properties are always full of winding pathways and a lot of surface area, making it difficult to keep them clean and safe for tenants or visitors. As temperatures in the Selkirk area drop, spending prolonged time outside can be dangerous. Frost bite, hypothermia and illness are all possible when temperatures take a dip.

The Perks of Going Gorilla

The snow removal industry is huge across the prairies but that does not mean that our Gorillas get lost in the shuffle. In order to keep ahead of the competition, our winter weather experts monitor incoming weather patterns. By keeping an eye on the skies, it is possible to predict heavy snow fall or ice formation and create a plan that works for both our team members and our clients. For those residents who consistently struggle to keep up with the demands of their spaces, routine maintenance is an excellent option. Gorilla services can be booked on a monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly basis in order to ensure your property stays running smoothly.

Local snow removal services mean that clients are never put on the back-burner. Each member of the Gorilla team is a part of your community, so they are invested in the outcome of your services. By arriving on scene with top of the line snow removal equipment and a customized care plan for your environment, there is no better outcome for your snow and ice control.  Property management is not a 9-5 gig and that is why our Gorillas are always working throughout winter. With emergency service calls available 24 hours a day and options for scheduled care, your snow and ice removal is always within reach. Team members are also fully insured for both personal and property damage, meaning clients have peace of mind that their home or workspace will be taken care of.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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