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In Richmond, views of the snow-capped mountains might be further away but snow itself, is right outside your front door. British Columbia might be known for mild winters but that does not mean that there is not snow and ice lurking nearby. When you want to create a safe and passable environment, it take a professional touch!

Expert Richmond snow removal and salting not only treats the issues that you have, but anticipates the ones that you don’t expect! Surprise storm fronts or overnight chills can make your home or commercial property treacherous but a local member of the Gorilla team can help clients keep their peace of mind and their feet on the ground.

The Importance of Proper Snow Removal

Misty mornings are a trade-mark of the lower mainland but a moisture-rich fog, combined with a drop in temperature means trouble. Slick surfaces are the main cause of slips and falls during winter months. Far from a basic comedy routine, even a tiny tumble can put passersby in the hospital!

Wading through buildup is tough but it is no picnic to shovel snow, either. A light dusting creates slippery sidewalks, road surfaces and parking lots, but a large dump can mean strained muscles and unexpected pulls. Depending on the community, the age demographic of the average owner or occupier can be quite high. For seniors or those with mobility issues, tackling heavy snow falls is impossible, so lean on our crew!

It does not take much for residential streets to become overwhelmed. Local government is responsible for clearing away accumulation from roadways, bus routes, public and communal spaces but this leaves private property out in the cold – literally! Whether you are booking for residential, commercial or multi-unit buildings, our Gorillas have got your back!

Ice Control & You

It is no secret that temperatures tend to drop over night. Sunshine will melt away snow buildup over the course of a warm afternoon but when the sun goes down, this melt will re-freeze. Textures, nooks and crevices hold onto this water, creating slippery spaces, so it is important to care for properties according to their own needs.

Being able to assess properties and their distinct problem areas for moisture collection, is part of what makes our Gorillas so successful. Instead of taking a reactionary anti-icing approach, plan ahead to avoid any unforeseen accidents. The main goal of any Gorilla technicians is to provide a safe winter season for our clients.

The Gorilla Approach to Richmond Snow Removal

A single snow event can send property owners spinning. Instead of being buried, opt for a complete and cost effective solution. The majority of snow falls during the late night and early morning hours. In order to keep things running smoothly, property owners have to loose sleep to spend time clearing walkways.

Part of what makes our snow clearing services so popular, is that our crew keeps an eye on the skies 24 hours a day. By monitoring the weather, our Gorillas stay ready for anything, salting potential hazards and beating back icy conditions. As for snow itself, our Gorillas have an arsenal of tricks and tools at their disposal.

From basic shovels to blowers and snow plows, there is no property that our experts can’t handle. Depending on the time of day, services are catered to your environment, keeping things quiet over night.

Ideally, we want your customers and residents to see and experience our snow removal without ever having seen us but rare sightings can be expected – even Bigfoot can be caught on camera from time to time!  However, with our Gorilla technicians professionally uniformed during all visits, there’s no mistaking them for late night lurkers.

The Gorilla Guarantee

Gorilla Property Services is locally owned and operated. More than just supporting local business owners, choosing Gorilla means getting prompt, dedicated service. Regularly scheduled maintenance is great for commercial properties and larger areas like community centres.

While a regular care schedule is great, you can’t always predict what is right around the corner. By offering emergency call-out service, our experts have always got you covered. Each member of the team is fully insured, so clients can rest easy knowing that they are covered for any unpredicted damage.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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