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British Columbia is known to boast some of the most beautiful scenery in Canada and that is particularly true of Metro Vancouver BC. With miles of oceanfront and lush greenery, mother nature has left her mark on this province, but she also tends to mark up properties!

In a damp climate, managing moisture can be tough, especially when that moisture is sitting on top of your roof. If you are not keen to make the climb up to the roof of your home or commercial property, have a Gorilla do it for you. Professional Richmond roof cleaning and moss removal strips away invasive growth and protects roofing from the elements.

Customizing Richmond Roof Cleaning Services

Properties in and around Richmond BC come in all shapes and sizes. This mix of styles is great but it also means having to manage many different types of roofs and materials. Trying to treat a cedar shingle in the same way that you treat an asphalt shingle can only spell trouble. Instead of struggling with amateur methods, call in the pros.

Clutter and organic debris is known to collect on rooftops. This buildup not only looks terrible, but it can have big consequences for your roofing. Leaves and other cast-off is designed to trap and hold moisture, and debris continues to do that, even after it has landed on your shingling.

A damp, shaded environment is the perfect place for moss to grow and spread. Clutter looks terrible but moss can cause damage to construction materials. Scraping away at growth can pull up chunks of weakened materials, leaving holes behind. This means costly repairs but it also means rot, mold. mildew and water damage.

Choosing professional moss removal services means having access to top-of-the-line tools and techniques to remove invasive growth without damaging the surrounding area. All across Richmond, roof cleaning is handled by owners with a quick power wash but these high pressure sprays can blast away sensitive areas. Ditch the risk, by calling our Richmond roof cleaning Gorillas.

Professional Help, Professional Results

An amateur attempt at scraping away roof moss spells disaster but our Gorillas get the job done right every time. Many property owners attempt to tackle moss removal personally. This can be a bad idea if you are unsure of the proper practices. Scraping and the use of corrosive cleaners can accelerate the degradation of your roof, stripping away protective layers.

Pressure washing in the wrong direction allows water to access the wood decking causing rot and leaks. If your roof is new, regular moss removal and roof cleaning maximizes its lifespan and aesthetic appeal. From soft bristle brushes to soft washing with eco-friendly disinfectants, our team of experts have all the right moves!

When you are ready for specialized roof cleaning services – or even gutter cleaning – call your friendly neighbourhood Gorillas for a free quote.

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