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Richmond Graffiti Removal

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Richmond Graffiti RemovalNext to Vancouver, Richmond is our busiest route for graffiti removal. In addition to being the busiest, Richmond is one of our largest territories! Our Richmond graffiti removal is in demand 7 days a week throughout the city.

In most cases, the downtown area is a hot bed for graffiti but, in Richmond every surface is up for grabs. Richmond graffiti removal is a full time job for our Gorillas. Commercial call-outs in the Richmond area are 4 times more common than the residential side. Having a graffiti tag on your home is inconvenient but having one on your business can make or break a sales day. That is why our Gorillas strive to bring clients same day removal. Don’t let someone else’s prank affect your business, call in our Gorillas instead.

Richmond Graffiti Removal: Commercial & Residential Service

Your commercial property being vandalized is big trouble for everyday operations! Graffiti spattered across your property can send the wrong message to potential customers. Quick action can make the difference between a poor and great sales day. Completing your graffiti removal quickly is the key to success. The longer graffiti sits, the greater the chance of ‘ghosting’. Ghosting occurs when paint sits on the surface of your property. Over time, it bakes into the surface layers and creates a difficult to remove stain.

richmond graffiti removal

The Right Tools For The Right Results

Our technicians use state of the art ‘Gorilla-Mobiles’. Gorilla vehicles are equipped with state of the art tools and eye-catching exteriors. Everything needed to remove graffiti is on board. Upon arrival, our Gorilla technicians take photos of the tag. Our Gorillas send ‘before and after’ photos to clients directly. Photos provide peace of mind throughout the removal process.

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