Markham Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
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Taking care of roofing is a tall order, in every sense of the word. Keeping both feet on the ground is the safer option but clutter and debris wont remove itself. Ignoring these problem areas can only mean damage and costly repairs over time. Instead of struggling to stay on your feet or navigating a careful climb – hand this job over to a Gorilla. Our team of specialists are expertly trained and outfitted to handle your Markham roof cleaning and moss removal. Let the professionals take care of the risk while you are left with the reward!

What Makes Markham Roof Cleaning Services Vital?

All across North America, nature runs rampant – as it should! There is nothing better than taking a walk in the woods or swimming in a lake. Plant life is great out in the opened but when it comes to city living, it can be a serious setback for any property maintenance program. With each change of season, heavy rain or wind storm, pieces of organic debris are left to fall onto the surface of your roof. It is true that having your home littered with sticks and leaves can drag down curb appeal but it also means moss, algae and lichens.

Organics are designed to hold onto moisture. This is great while they are attached but when sitting against shingles, this can spell disaster. Invasive growth thrives in damp environments and your roof is no different. Once moss takes hold, there is no stopping it. This invasive growth will weave under and over shingling, softening sensitive materials underneath. Not only does this make way for repair costs and early replacements but it makes roof cleaning all the more difficult. Slippery surfaces make the cleaning process even more dangerous than it already is. This is where professional eavestrough cleaning comes in handy.

The Gorilla Method

There are certain tasks that are better left to the professionals. In the right hands, proper gutter cleaning, pressure washing and window cleaning can prolong the lifespan of your property in the same way that roof clearing can protect your home. Roofing services are designed to take care of your home’s greatest defence. Instead of just pushing organics from one place to another, our Gorilla specialists have a multi-step program for making your surfaces look their best. Any outdoor cleaning company can show up and scrape off moss. The tricky part is getting it done properly. When you call a Gorilla, any sitting debris is removed, bagged, and taken to proper care facilities to be recycled or composted. Once this is out of the way, a more clear view of moss growth (if any) is made possible. Protecting the life of your roofing begins with gentle removal. In addition to the fixtures themselves, there are other things to worry about at those heights. You might call it an eavestrough, gutter or perimeter drain but these systems are easily damaged without the right care. After years in the industry, our Gorillas know how to get the job done efficiently, safely and with excellent results.

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