Markham Dryer Vent Cleaning

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  • Remove Duct from dryer
  • Clean Dryer Vent duct from Interior/Exterior using Forced Air/Gorilla Blasting Ball
  • Removing 99% of lint and debris
  • Clean caps and areas

In any household, doing a load of laundry is all in a days’ work. In any multi-unit property, this one small task is multiplied by just about a hundred. High-traffic areas like hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings or schools can do dozens of loads of laundry per day. This is daunting enough when appliances are running at full steam but it is even worse when working with tired machinery. Calling in a professional for your Markham dryer vent cleaning eliminates threats and keeps things running smoothly around multi-unit properties.

Many property owners throughout the greater Toronto area have to-do lists as long as an arm. With so much to get done, it is easy to let something as uncommon as cleaning out dryer vents, slip. As easy as it might be to procrastinate or neglect these areas, these vents do more than just carry away air. A blocked dryer vent system negatively impacts the condition and effectiveness of your appliance but it also means health risks and fire hazards. It is difficult to believe that something so useful can be so dangerous but it all comes down to lint – yes, lint!

Managing Multi-Unit Properties

Clothes dryers come equipped with a mesh trap. This bit of screen is designed to catch and hold lint buildup that can then be removed. While great in theory, these traps can’t catch everything. With every load, bits and pieces sneak passed and are lodged inside systems. With lint trapped in vents, ducts and tubing, this is where the real danger begins. Bits of fluff, scraps of paper and even hair become stuck deep within systems and begin to restrict air flow. Without proper circulation, machines are often strained and cannot get clothes or bedding dried properly. This means repeat loads and unnecessary wear and tear on machines. When properly cared for, appliances can last a decade or more but a bit of neglect can cut the number in half.

No matter which type of property you own, air quality is of the utmost importance. Blockages and buildup are the perfect arenas for mold to form, thrive and spread. As contaminated air is circulated back inside laundry rooms, it spreads allergens and bacteria that can be harmful to anyone but more so to those with weakened immune systems. Keeping tenants safe is the top priority for property owners so this is a big no-no. In addition to respiratory illness, letting lint build can also mean dryer vent fires. Without proper dryer duct cleaning, these areas might as well be lit matches. Avoid any major disasters with routine visits from our Gorillas.

The Advantages of Regular Markham Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

A clean duct does not just happen. If you are managing a high traffic environment or if your system hasn’t been treated in a while, running a hand through traps is not enough to make a difference. Sure, you might be able to clear away a bit of surface clutter but the difference between a great job and a mediocre one are tools and technique. Proper air duct cleaning services attack buildup at every level of your system.

Our team of highly trained Gorillas arrives on scene, fully equipped – and fully insured! – in order to get the job done properly. High-powered vacuums are used to clear obvious clogs while cameras can be used to track down more subtle buildups. Instead of assuming that all problems have been cleared away, our specialists go as far as disconnecting removable areas to suck and scrub them clean. By scrubbing the sides of ducts and vents, Gorillas are sure to keep buildup away for as long as possible. It can be tough to imagine exactly what is going on behind the scenes of your clothes dryer. Luckily for our clients, before and after photos get rid of the guesswork.

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