Markham Gutter Cleaning

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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

It is easy to hide out indoors when the weather is poor. While you are warm inside, away from bad weather, your gutters are taking the brunt of it! These fixtures are designed to trap and carry rain fall, snow melt and other moisture out and way from your property. This is great in theory but it only works when your drainage system is kept clean. Eavestroughs are tough to get at and that means often neglected but a proper Markham gutter cleaning can keep your systems running smoothly. Blocked drainage systems can mean water damage and premature gutter repair or replacements. Cut the costs and the stress with one call to our team of Gorillas.

The Perks of Passable Drains

It is important to think of your gutter system like a highway. When things are clear, traffic flows through without issue but even the slightest accident or stall can mean a massive traffic jam. If gutters are cleaned regularly, water and small bits of debris are able to pass through fairly easily. Missing even one eavestrough cleaning can be the beginning of a much larger issue. As bits and pieces like leaves, needles or seed pods fall into the opened areas of your system, they begin to layer over themselves. Heavier items fall to the bottom of drains, creating a foundation that traps and holds lighter materials and creates clogs. When an indoor pipe becomes clogged up, it is hard to ignore, outdoor pipes, however, are another story.

Clogs make drains impassable. When water is left sitting, it invites a host of other, unseen problems. These areas are prime real estate for pests, which means infestations are a very real possibility. Stagnant water can also mean damage to your home. As it sits, water softens even the toughest construction materials. Added weight can also pull fixtures from walls, leaving holes and damage behind. The bottom line is that there is no advantage to having blocked drains. Instead of letting these important fixtures go uncared for, have professional eavestrough, gutter cleaning services solve the problem for you.

Choosing Professional Maintenance Services

Taking care of a property is expensive. Because of this, many property owners try to take maintenance services into their own hands. Everything from pressure washing to window cleaning can be a DIY disaster. Instead of relying on amateur techniques, our Gorillas have a fool-proof plan for cleaning gutters. A great job does not just happen, but is built up over time. Our team of experts arrive on-scene with backpack vacuums ready to suck gutters dry. Before any service is complete, water testing is performed to ensure there are no blockages left behind. Instead of focusing only on the big stuff, Gorillas scrub out drainage pipes, making sure that your system is left cleaner, for longer.

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