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Freshly fallen snow might give your property a clean and picturesque look but that does not mean that it is easy to navigate. As snow accumulates around roads and sidewalks, it becomes difficult to move through and can even pose a health hazard to yourself, tenants, guests or customers.

Keeping any home or commercial property clean and passable is a chore but it doesn’t need to be a headache when you call on a Gorilla for help. Struggling with a shovel can mean sprains, strains and sometimes serious damage, so pass the heavy lifting onto a professional. Expert Acton snow removal and salting services create safe and welcoming environments on a scheduled or call-out basis.

The Calm Before the Storm

It is one thing to deal with freezing temperatures but another thing to have to deal with snow and ice. Canadian winters are temperamental and difficult to navigate. It might be clear skies and warm temperatures one day and freezing the next. Warm days are great but as nights roll in, freezing temperatures mean snow fall and ice.

Any amount of snow can be a problem for property owners and managers. More than giving off a bad impression, snow buildup can mean personal injury (sometimes resulting in a liability issue) or costly by-law fines. Every city has it’s own by-laws designed to reinforce clean and passable properties. Failing to keep up with snow and ice management can impact your health and your wallet.

Taking winter maintenance into your own hands means a lot of time, manual labour and the risk of potential damage. Piling snow next to vulnerable areas can mean water damage when the temperatures start to swing upwards. Sitting snow piles can wreck lawns and allow water to leech into cracks and foundations. Using heavy equipment like a snow plow to clear large areas can also damage even the sturdiest of structures or fire hydrants.

Going Gorilla: Expert Snow Removal Services

Property owners are quick to call in an expert for lawn maintenance but snow care is often neglected. Professional snow care means dealing with the elements as they are and predicting what is to come next. While it is impossible to predict the future, our Gorilla crews offer a level of service that makes us seem psychic!

By monitoring weather patterns and incoming storm fronts, it is possible to predict the needs of our customers before being asked. In order to better serve Acton and the Halton Hills area, our Gorillas offer options for scheduled care or for emergency call-out services, 24 hours a day.  For commercial properties in particular, our experts highly recommend routine salting to protect you, yourself and your visitors.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our Acton snow clearing and salting service can be made to fit spaces large and small. Small and simple properties can be cleared away with a shovel and bit of muscle but large tools are needed for multi-unit properties, parking lots and storefronts. Don’t sacrifice results in favour of saving money, when Gorillas offer cost-competitive services for all property types.

* Snow Removal and Salting services not available at all locations. Please contact your local Gorilla to confirm availability.

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