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  • All rooftops and valleys to be cleared of branches, leaves and debris
  • High-pressure vacuums and/or by hand removal
  • All downspouts water tested
  • Before and after digital photos

Maintaining a property of any size is a complicated process. While property owners are preoccupied with indoor chores or repairs at the ground-level, windows and gutters are often being ignored. Luckily, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action caring for your heights with professional Acton gutter cleaning services.

Depending on the greenery and plant life around your property, your roof and gutters can be holding onto a ton of organic debris. Everything from leaves and sticks to pests and plants can be clogging up your drains. Hiring professional property maintenance services makes your eavestrough cleaning a breeze.

What is in your Gutters?

Lawn debris might draw a lot of attention, leading property owners to grab a rake and tidy up but your roofing does not always get this much attention. Roof clutter is normally out of sight and out of mind, but even a bit of buildup can lead to major issues like water damage, rot and even pest infestations.

Angled roofing is a popular option for homes and multi-unit properties. These peaks and angles might be visually appealing but they also mean material slides and rolls down into gutters. Heavy items like sticks, pinecones and needles sink to the bottom of gutters, creating a thick foundation layer of debris.

As lighter materials make their way into your eavestrough, they are trapped and held by the heavier objects underneath. These clogs prevent drain function and can stop water from travelling through. Damp environments are ideal spaces for pests to camp out and from there it does not take long for them to sneak inside. Let our Gorilla crews prevent unnecessary damage and headache with our professional cleaning services.

Seeking Out Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

If you begin to notice slow drainage or water spillage, it is a good sign that your system is clogged. Once you identify this issue, it is time to clear out your clogs. There are plenty of “gutter cleaners” on the market or DIY techniques that are labelled as effective but in the wrong hands, these can do more harm than good.

After years in the industry, our Gorillas have seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. Far from running a hand through a drain and pulling out some gunk, or taking a shot at power washing these drains, trust an expert. Professional gutter cleaning companies have all the right tools and techniques to get your system running smoothly.

Getting the best in gutter care requires a multi-step process. The first of these steps is to take ‘before’ photos of your drainage system. By putting our smartphones to use, our Gorillas can provide you with a photo record from the safety of the ground. A combination of good old fashioned elbow grease and high-powered vacuums suck those gutters dry of unwanted material and moisture. Before we consider any job complete, our Gorillas test your gutters in order the ensure that they are free-flowing.

By offering service bundles, Gorilla crews are able to provide top to bottom property care, with excellent customer service. From pressure washing to window cleaning and graffiti removal, call today to request a free estimate.

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