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When clutter begins to form across lawns and green spaces, it is easy enough to grab a rake and take care of the issue, but the higher the surface, the harder it becomes. Proper home improvement and maintenance means working from the ground floor, all the way to the peak of your roof.

Sitting debris or growth on rooftops not only look terrible, but they can also lead to some serious damage. Instead of taking the risk on handling these heights yourself, call a Gorilla for your Acton roof cleaning and moss removal. Our highly-trained Gorilla crews can not only improve the look of your home or business, but can also prolong the lifespan of your roofing material.

What Is Up There Anyway?

It is always nice to watch the leaves change colours in the fall but a change in season or even a heavy wind storm can shake organics and litter rooftops. Peaked roofing is designed to let unwanted objects roll off but this isn’t always the case. Any material that is left behind is left to sit, trapping moisture and paving the way for invasive plant growth.

A moss covered roof might lend a rustic look to a property but it does not take long to grow out of control. As moss grows, it takes over, weaving over and under roof shingles, pulling away materials and exposing the sensitive decking underneath. Far from your average soft wash, it takes expert technique to properly remove moss from roofing.

Making moss removal and roof cleaning services a part of your regular maintenance routine can help to prohibit the spread of invasive growth, keep black streaking to a minimum and help to prolong the life of your roof. When cared for properly, these fixtures can last for years but a lack of proper care can cut this number down drastically, meaning expensive repairs and even a full replacement.

Managing Moss: An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

There are plenty of moss killers on the market that feature chlorine bleach and require gallons of water to operate. Instead of trying to kill moss with an outdated approach, leave it to the professionals. Just getting up to the heights of your roof can be dangerous. Slips and falls from ladders can mean serious injury, but our Gorillas have the safety equipment to keep our crews on their feet.

Trying to pressure wash moss away is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. This heavy-handed technique can blast away bits and pieces of asphalt shingling and damage vulnerable areas. Wire brushes can pull away softened materials where excessive moisture has been sitting. Going Gorilla for your roof cleaning and moss removal means avoiding unnecessary damage.

Gorilla crews come equipped with top of the line safety equipment. Once ladders are secured, our experts perform a thorough inspection of roofing and the surrounding area to ensure there is no problem areas or sensitive spots. From here, clutter is cleared and any moss formations can be addressed. Before and after photos show off results while fully insured crews give customers peace of mind.

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