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Acton Pressure Washing

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  • Save the sewers – installing drain guards to catch all oil and sediment from entering the water
  • Apply the eco-foam to eliminate dirt, grime and buildup
  • Pressure wash the areas clean
  • Before and After photos

Pressure washing your property seems like a quick and easy way to get your property clean but this is only true if you know how to use it! It is not difficult to get your hands on a pressure washer, just about every hardware store has one for rent, but they don’t come with the experience of a Gorilla! When you need to give your place a sprucing up, our Acton pressure washing gets the job done!

What Can You Wash?

Dirt and discolourations do not discriminate against property types. Whether you have a business, storefront or even a residential space, they are all susceptible for staining. Many of the main culprits for staining come naturally. Birds are, of course, always willing to leave a few stains behind in the form of droppings but the formation of algae is troublesome as well. These types of growths retain moisture, holding it against the surfaces around your space. This can lead to the break down of building materials. This can lead to much bigger problems around your property. Instead of letting growths and discolourations act as an eye store and a hazard, call our Gorillas for your Acton pressure washing.
When used properly, pressure washers can be used to brighten up decks, patios, exterior walls, garages and even driveways, walkways and concrete. Giving your space new life is as simple as booking an appointment for your Acton pressure washing.

Acton Pressure Washing: How We Work

In order to properly clean and disinfect your property, our Gorillas approach your Acton pressure washing in stages. Simply pointing a pressure washer at a stain does not guarantee good results. By treating stains on the surface, as well as deeper levels, you get the best results every time. By combining eco-friendly cleansers, pressure washers, along with a few specialty tools, our Gorillas get the best results for your Acton pressure washing.

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