The first day of Spring has come and gone but it is never too late to ready your property for the season! Spring showers bring summer flowers but dont let the weather get the most of your home or business. The only way to stay ahead of the weather is to take a pre-emptive strike by calling our Gorillas.

As seasons change, the need for routine property maintenance becomes more and more obvious. Drains back up, roofs become cluttered and the changing elements leave behind heavy staining on walls and decks. Gutter cleaning, roof clearing, pressure washing and window cleaning are all important factors are you make the jump into the spring and summer seasons. Calling in our Gorillas is an easy way to beat these factors without the backbreaking labour and heights!

More and more Canadians are turning to Gorilla Property Services for their maintenance issues, so much so that we are booking appointments months in advance! Our Gorillas are currently booking appointments in to late May. Planning ahead can mean the difference between an easy change between seasons and a big headache!

Our Gorillas are locked and loaded with all the the necessary tools to make your property shine, so do not hesitate to call. Our services are available all over the country so you never have to be limited by location. Our technicians love to be busy and it has never been a better time to be a Gorilla. With daily calls for our services in areas as small as single-dwelling homes or in major retail outlets. Gorilla technicians can handle any property up to three storeys. Dont wait – Call in our Gorillas today.