As much as we hate to say it, winter is here! It might only be October but fall seems to have vanished in a flash, making way for snow fall. With heavy storms on the horizon, it is important to get ahead of the bad weather. It is no secret that certain parts of Canada see more snowfall than others but each and every province has to contend with ice and slippery surfaces. This is bad for homes but it is absolutely terrible for commercial properties. One slip and fall is enough to ruin a reputation or create major liability issues. Instead of being buried or suffering the consequences of slips, call a Gorilla for routine care of your outdoor spaces.

Say So Long to Snow

For many property owners, shovelling out sidewalks every once in a while seems like enough to keep their space safe, but this isn’t the case. Temperamental temperatures might be the norm but that doesn’t mean that they are predictable. The most common times for snow to fall are during late night or early morning hours. Getting up for work in the morning can be a real shock and most people don’t have the time to dig out their walkways. Procrastination is easy when it is cold outside. Putting off manual labour is the easiest thing that you can do but it does not take long for areas to become impassable. This is a problem for homeowners, tenants, passersby, clients and the city in general. Every city has their own by-laws about snow removal that come with hefty fines if violated. Save yourself the trouble and money by calling professional service before hand.

Any Property, Any Time

Scheduled maintenance is great for commercial spaces or more complicated areas. Parking lots and strata properties have got a lot of ground to cover, so it only makes sense to bring in the big guns. Our Gorillas are equipped with snow blowers, plows and good old fashioned elbow grease in order to get the best results possible for any space. Scheduled maintenance is not for everyone but that doesn’t mean that members of your community will be left out in the cold. The sun might come out during the day and while we are enjoying the warmth, snow is melting, only to re-freeze over night. Whether you are in need of a helping hand (or paw!) during the day, or night, that’s no problem! Our property maintenance experts offer up emergency call-out services 24 hours a day.