Our Gorillas are always busy but it is graffiti removal that keeps us going. Out of all the services that our experts offer, graffiti vandalism is our most common call-out, and it is no wonder why! Whether you live in a small town or a big city, spray paint is sold just about everywhere. Any hardware or department store might as well be an art store for street artists and any blank wall is a canvas. Luckily for property owners, our Gorillas are ready to swing into action, eliminating paint new and old, for both first time callers and repeat clients.

Understanding Stains

Having graffiti splashed across your property isn’t just a stain, it is a message. Leaving paint to sit on surfaces allows visitors or potential customers to go by unsightly tags or designs, and that might just encourage them to keep walking! A drop in curb appeal or offensive marks are enough to encourage quick action but the trick to getting results is to call in the professionals! Instead of just getting rid of paint, our experts remove overspray, shadowing and help to prevent paint from coming back. The first step to getting results is to properly understand what you are up against. There are plenty of types of spray paints for artists to choose from, but they don’t shy away from more crude techniques – like permanent marker! Some of these are water soluble while others require a heavy hand. Being able to diagnose the type of paint that you are dealing with goes a long way to proper removal.

The longer that paint sits, the deeper down into façades that it goes. This makes it increasingly difficult to get rid of – but not for our Gorillas. After years in the industry, our specialists can assess your property and come up with a game plan that works. If you are a property owner or manager, you want the quickest process and the best results – that means calling a Gorilla.

The Gorilla Approach

The wrong approach to paint removal can mean bleeding and extensions of the stain itself. Our Gorillas don’t take any chances with improper removal but have created a system that works. Treating affected areas with a Gorilla foaming cleanser lifts and loosens easy to remove surface stains. Once these are brushed away, Gorillas get to work! Pressure washers are used to dig deep into hard surfaces in order to get rid of ground-in paint but the crowing jewel of our spray paint removal is an anti-graffiti coating. There is no way to completely stop graffiti vandalism from occurring but this simple addition can make it a much simpler process.