No one wants to admit that summer is coming to an end. While Canadians are trying to soak up those last days of sunlight and high temperatures, there are heavy-duty chores lurking just around the corner. That chill in the evening air might make property owners grab a sweater, but they should be grabbing a phone and booking appointments with our Gorillas. One of the toughest aspects of property maintenance are roofing needs. It is necessary to handle these high-up hassles but it is also dangerous without the right training and equipment. Tasks like DIY roof cleaning, moss removal and gutter cleaning are demanding and can mean slips and falls – so call a Gorilla instead!

The Consequences of a Cluttered Roof

Roofs are easy to ignore – after all, out of sight, out of mind. As roof maintenance falls to the bottom of the to-do list, organic debris is piling up on surfaces and inside perimeter drains. Leaves, sticks, seed pods and tree needles don’t seem like a threat from the outside, but even small items can mean big damage.

Roof Cleaning: Roofs are designed to stand up to the elements but they still need to be maintained. The obvious issue with a cluttered roof is the visual appeal – or lack of it! A blanket of debris makes your home or workplace look sloppy but it can also lead to structural damage. Organics hold onto moisture, trapping it against roofing surfaces. This puts pressure on shingling but it also paves the way for moss growth.

Moss Removal: Moss is beneficial out in nature but in the city, it is nothing but trouble. Moss is known as an invasive plant because it doesn’t stick to one area, but spreads as far as it can. If left unattended, this growth weaves over and under shingles and wears away at materials underneath. This means costly replacements of framework and decking.

Gutter Cleaning: The majority of perimeter drains are made up of a mix of both opened and enclosed areas. Opened areas let debris in while closed spaces keep blockages hidden. Over time, drains become heavier and can pull away from fixtures, causing damage. Damp, full gutters are also the perfect place for pests to call home. Avoid property damage and an infestation by calling in a Gorilla.

Don’t Wait For The Worst-Case Scenario

In order to keep your property running smoothly, our experts recommend twice annual service, in the spring and fall months. This level of care prevents unwelcome surprises and unnecessary damage. Each and every Gorilla is fully insured for property damage and bodily harm, so all that’s left for property owners to do is to sit back and watch their vision come to life.