People travel for thousands of miles and pay big money to spot a Gorilla in the wild but in North America it is not that uncommon. No, we aren’t talking about primates, we are talking about our highly skilled team of property maintenance experts. In an industry flooded with maintenance firms, it can be difficult to know one from another. Luckily, we have come up with a three-step system to help you determine whether you are looking at one of our Gorillas: The outfits, the wheels and the results.

Uniforms: One aspect of being a professional is looking the part. Instead of blending in with our environments, Gorillas like to stand out. Our team colours are bright orange and black. This combination isn’t only dynamic, but it helps clients identify us. No one wants to come home to see strangers trailing over their lawns or walking over rooftops. Driving up to a hardworking team member in a familiar uniform is much more comfortable. This is also true for late night services like snow clearing. If you happen to wake up while our experts are working, you never have to worry. Just take a look, spot the tech and rest easy.

Vehicles: Our Gorilla Mobiles are functional but they are also flashy! Instead of a boring visual, our vehicles are outfitted with logos, contact information and bright colours. In the same way that uniforms help to pinpoint our pros, so do our wheels. In addition to looking great, these mobile work spaces are outfitted with top of the line tools for any service you might need. It might seem impossible to fit safety equipment, tools, ladders and water supplies into this space but we’ve managed to get the job done.

Results: Even if you happen to miss the bright fabrics and vehicle wraps, you can always tell when a Gorilla has been by. More than anything flashy, our results speak for themselves. The most eye-catching thing around your property will be your clean roofs, graffiti-free walls or pressure washed porches.