Spring showers are great for plant life and greenery but not all growth sticks to gardens. Homes and businesses across Canada are dealing with moss, algae and mold on a daily basis. It is possible to power wash away ground floor issues, but your roof is a different story. Many properties are unable to reach these complicated areas but our Gorillas aren’t afraid to hit these heights. A clutter-free roof helps build up curb appeal while a moss-free environment preserves conditions and extend the lifespan of materials.

What To Expect From Spring

The spring season brings on an obvious change in weather patterns. We’re talking rain, wind, unexpected drops in temperature and, of course, sprinklings of sunshine. Bad weather has a habit of dislodging organic materials, left and right. Leaves, sticks, branches, needles and pine cones clutter up surfaces. This blanket of debris makes roofs look terrible but there are also more sinister consequences lurking underneath. Moisture gets trapped under layers, creating the perfect environment for moss to grow. Moss weaves itself under, over and around shingles, causing damage without being noticed – until it is too late, that is. Regular maintenance helps prevent damage, as well as unnecessary repairs and replacements.

Because moss spreads silently across roofing, our Gorillas recommend a roof cleaning and moss removal every spring. For optimal results, twice annual services should be performed once in spring and once in fall, in order to keep debris from piling up. Climbing up to a roof is risky business so it should be left to the pros. Gorillas arrive on-scene with state of the art safety equipment – and insurance! – to protect both your property and our technicians.

Staying on the ground does not mean that you are going to be left out of the loop! Before and after photos allow clients to be a part of the process, while being able to see results in real time.