No matter the size or style of your property, Canadian structures are outfitted with two perimeter drains: one near the ground and one near your roof. When it comes to treating underground drainage, property owners are quick to call in plumbers but your gutters also need professional care. 

As we roll into spring, you might be quick to clean out a closet but your gutters or eavestrough are another story. Even a bit of neglect can leave your system clogged and impassable, meaning big trouble for your home or workspace. When plugged, your gutter system has a wide ripple effect on the overall condition of your property. From pest infestations to rot, mold and water damage, a blocked drain is the gateway to them all.  

The Perks of Professional Care 

For many property owners, the higher points of roofing are often a mystery. There is no telling what you might find up there but without access to these peaks, there is a good chance that you might never find out! Debris collects little by little but even a little bit of neglect can lead to widespread issues across your roof’s surface. 

Instead of struggling against slippery surfaces or using amateur techniques, call a professional to get the best results, with the best safety features. Fully insured staff provide peace of mind while years of industry experience can help to create a care plan that caters to the unique needs of your property.

By treating structures and surrounding areas according to condition and age, our Gorilla technicians can prevent unnecessary damage. The wrong technique can damage vulnerable materials, paving the way for leaks and water damage. Even resting a ladder on a sensitive area can pull eavestroughs away from their fixtures, resulting in costly damage. Ditch the risk and call a Gorilla today!