Every day, while you are busy managing the everyday running of your property, stains are building up silently. Visible staining does not always appear all at once, but layers over itself until it is hard to ignore. Instead of dealing with grime, dirt, growth or even graffiti, call in a Gorilla to save the day! Our team of Gorillas are working cross-country to keep each city and province looking its best.

It can be easy to become caught up in simply accepting things the way that they appear. Over time, it can be difficult to see through the surface area and to remember how things used to look. Clearing away one small portion of a stain can be a great reminder of how your deck, retaining wall, or concrete used to look but a few chunks of clean space are not enough. Clearing away a large space takes time and technique that not everyone has. An itchy trigger finger can clear away a small space, but it can cause a great deal of damage if used incorrectly. Don’t bother taking a risk with your property when it is so easy to call in a Gorilla for help.

Because our Gorillas are local to your area, you will never be left waiting for results. Prompt service is a key feature of our Gorillas, but so are our results. By treating surface stains first, the eyesore is removed while the actual cause becomes all the more apparent. Cause and symptom both need to be treated in order to get the right results for any type of property.