No property can run without proper maintenance. Whether you are dealing with a single home, multi-unit property or a commercial building, keeping on top of care and maintenance can feel overwhelming. Instead of juggling different tasks or letting some slip through the cracks, create a schedule! A care plan can help to keep owners organized and there is no better way to do that than by season.

New Season, New Chores

Caring for properties means maintenance inside and out. Some of these tasks are simple and can be done in a quick couple minutes (checking smoke alarms, for example) while others need professionally trained technicians to get the job done right. Pipe and sewer inspections need to be handled by plumbers, appliance care requires experienced mechanics and outdoor services require a Gorilla.

Spring Maintenance: A new spring season means a fresh start for plant life and property owners. Along with expecting new blooms, owners and managers can expect a lot of moisture. Following a long winter, this makes for obvious stains and slippery surfaces.

  • Roof inspection and moss removal
  • Power wash decks, patios, walkways and concrete
  • Dryer vent cleaning particularly for high traffic areas like condos, apartments and multi-unit properties

Summer Maintenance: When warmer months finally roll around, it is easy to let property care fall by the wayside. This is an opportunity to catch up on any missed tasks from the spring list but nice temperatures and long days mean busier streets at night.

  • Graffiti Removal is one of our busiest call outs during summer. Send a message to street artists with quick removal.

Fall Maintenance: Depending on your location, Fall can be the best time to tackle property maintenance. Moderate temperatures make it possible to spend long periods outside and freezing temperatures haven’t frozen pipes and rain hasn’t made certain areas slippery, which makes it ideal for roof maintenance.

  • Roof inspections and de-cluttering
  • Soft wash siding to remove any sitting debris
  • Clean out dryer vents (for those high traffic areas, our experts recommend twice annual service).

Winter Maintenance: Freezing temperatures can mean damage for properties. Materials are put through the wringer while salting leaves stains behind. Heavy snows and excessive moisture can also damage roofing.

  • Cleaning gutters before freezing.

If you’d like to keep your space looking its best all year round, just call a Gorilla for help! Our experts are local to your area and understand exactly what you are up against.