There is hardly a Canadian out there who couldn’t benefit from a little spring cleaning. This could mean getting rid of clutter, cleaning out your closet or scrubbing the outside of your property. Now, some of these you can do in an afternoon but without the right tools or technique, a pressure washing just isn’t one! The exterior of your property is constantly collected new layers of dirt, debris, discolouration and growth. If the outer layers of your property could use a tune-up, call a Gorilla for your pressure washing services.

There are plenty of services out there that are willing to rent out pressure washers. Finding one of these power tools is as easy as visiting your local hardware store. Setting up a pressure washer and beginning to spray seems simple enough but it can cause a ton of damage. Instead of putting yourself in a compromised position, let our Gorillas set you up for success!

Why Call a Gorilla?

Pressure washers are a common tool for commercial property owners. These machines can clear all sorts of stains from all sorts of properties. Our Gorillas can spruce up your property visually and even from a safety perspective. Built up algae on hard surfaces can make surfaces slippery, leading to slips and falls. By using a multi-step approach to your pressure washing service, our Gorilla provide clients with a clean and welcoming outdoor space. All of our Gorillas are local to your area and able to provide friendly, local service.