The end of summer brings on first frosts and a long list of household to-dos. From back to school shopping to building up winter wardrobes and holiday prep, the needs of your home or property tend to take a back seat. Instead of scrambling to tackle last minute jobs or dealing with the consequences of neglect, call a Gorilla to organize, plan and treat homes, commercial spaces or multi-unit properties.

After years in the industry, our experts have property maintenance and care down to a science. It isn’t possible to “beat” the elements but there is a right way and a wrong way to get the job done. A properly balanced schedule and the right treatment technique can help to prolong the lifespan of your materials, boost your curb appeal and cut costs on unnecessary or premature repairs and replacements.

Where to Focus Before Winter

Whether you are centrally located or are at home on the coast, North American winters are tough. In addition to freezing temperatures, property owners have to deal with excessive moisture, slippery surfaces and invasive growth.

Dealing with Damp: Whether it is rain in the Fall or frost, condensation or snow melt, wet is a reality around exteriors. Tougher construction materials are built to withstand difficult weather but even concrete and roofing need a bit of help. The most common culprits for invasive growth are moss and algae. Moss commonly takes hold of roof surfaces, weaving in, under and around shingling, damaging roofing and paving the way for water damage. Professional roof cleaning takes a gentle approach to moss removal. This service should be applied at least once per year in order to keep clutter to a minimum.

Getting Rid of Growth: A non-abrasive approach might help to remove moss from traditional roofing but harder surfaces on the ground require a tougher approach. Algae takes hold on harder surfaces, coating concrete and creating slippery surfaces. This is a danger to tenants, guests and customers, but pressure washing can help.

Grappling with Gutters: The purpose of an eavestrough or gutter system is to transport excess water away from sensitive areas, keeping structures in great condition. When gutters become clogged, sitting water weighs down fixtures and leaves water to sit against vulnerable materials, weakening, softening and ultimately damaging them.

Instead of focusing on one area, property owners have the option of bundling services together, in order to get the best results for your home, commercial or multi-unit space.