Canadians are always looking forward to the first days of spring. A new season means fresh starts and, of course, spring cleaning! While you might be stuck spending the majority of your efforts indoors, it is important to think outside the box. The inside of your home might be collecting clutter but exteriors are being battered by the elements. Every day, your property is collecting the makings of major stains and discolourations. Instead of dealing with the ugly aftermath of neglect, call a Gorilla to clean, conquer and keep things looking great.

Aside from ice and snow, salt is the main scourge of winter. This simple addition might keep pedestrians on their feet but it has a negative impact on properties. Salt stains are a reality for vehicles, as well as decks, patios and exterior walls. If there is ever a time to pressure wash, it is following the beating of a Canadian winter.

It is easy to look to spring months as an example of when to power wash your property but this process can be carried out just about whenever. Winter poses certain issues that need to be blasted away but the rest of the year is no picnic either! Damp and rainy climates create prime growth locations for moss and algae. Leaving this invasive growth untouched can mean spreading and eventually, damage. In addition to the big-picture problems, pressurized cleaning approaches can handle everyday build up of dirt and dust.

Proper results for exterior cleaning projects should be left to the professionals. Even when they look sturdy, construction materials can still be delicate. Highly pressurized water sprays can blast away weakened materials, leading to water damage, leaks and mould. Instead of dealing with risks, call a Gorilla to have the job done properly.