Owning a property is an investment, but owning two is just good business sense. All across North America, individuals and companies are building up their portfolios but this means more and more maintenance needs. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands on homes, commercial properties and strata spaces, have a seasoned professional swing by with all the right tools and techniques. Keeping structures in good shape means top to bottom cleans, not once but multiple times throughout the year. If you are overwhelmed by demand, unable to reach heights or are just not getting the right results for your maintenance efforts, call a Gorilla!

Managing All Property Types

For those property owners who split their time between commercial spaces and homeownership, you do not have to shop around for different maintenance companies to suit your needs – our Gorillas do it all! From snow clearing to graffiti removal, each of our specialty services can be performed on any and all property types.

Commercial Care: For the most part, commercial properties are a good deal larger than your average unattached house. Because of this, window care, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning are often neglected. For owners or property managers, this is a big problem. Over time, moisture in gutters or on roofing, means moss growth, softening of materials and eventually water damage. In a similar but different way, sitting dirt, dust and debris means damage to windows. As dirt seeps into porous materials, it begins to weaken them from the inside out, meaning glass is more vulnerable to breakage. Choosing professional care means getting all the right tools to treat these problem areas – along with technicians who know how to use them!

Residential and Strata Care: For many homeowners, using power tools is out of their comfort zone. Instead of risking damage to sensitive materials, have a pro handle these troublesome chores for you. Pressure washing, for example, uses high pressure sprays to blast away ground-in dirt and debris from exterior walls. This sounds great in theory but for aged or weakened areas, it can actually blast away important construction materials.