As temperatures take a turn for the low, winterizing becomes more and more important for both households and storefronts. It is easy to get caught up with prepping vehicles and weather stripping doors and windows but trickier areas are often left behind. Roofing, for example, is difficult to access and can be dangerous without the right safety tools and training. Instead of putting off treatment or taking a risk on slippery surfaces, have a Gorilla handle the tough jobs.

The Importance of a Clean Roof

Roof surfaces collect debris throughout the year but no season is as problematic as Fall. There is nothing as pretty as a landscape full of changing leaves but these views only last for a moment. Once bright colours have come and gone, property owners are left dealing with the dead and soggy debris that they leave behind. Instead of one large dumping of organics, debris falls little by little over time, layering over itself. Leaves, in particular, hold onto moisture which means even the most sensitive areas of your roof are being subjected to increased levels of moisture. This means that moss has ample opportunity to take hold and spread across roofing. This makes decking susceptible to damage, meaning unnecessary repair and even replacements.

The Advantages of Regular Roof Care

Your roof is one of the most important (and expensive) fixtures around your home or workspace. Keeping these in good condition can help to keep costs down while creating a warm and welcoming environment. At their best, roofs protect those inside from the outside elements but at their worst, rotten roofing can mean water damage, mold and even pest infestations. It is easy to assume that your roof is in good shape but without a proper view, you can never be sure. With proper, twice annual maintenance, it is possible to not only keep your surfaces clear but to keep tabs on the overall condition of your fixtures. 

By choosing professional services, clients can rest easy knowing that they are getting the best in both results and safety. Moss can make shingles slippery, meaning an already dangerous chore is that much more dangerous. All it takes is one wrong step for a trip to the hospital. Leave the worries behind and opt for professional (and fully insured) practices instead.