It is hard to think about low temperatures and snow fall while the July sun is still shining. While you are soaking up rays, winter days are creeping closer, and a bit of preparation goes a long way. The last days of summer are the ideal time to create a plan for a slippery or snowy future for your home or commercial space. Calling in a Gorilla can help to manage extreme weather with single call-outs, emergency services or regularly scheduled snow removal and salting. Get ahead of the problem before it becomes one!

The Benefits of Professional Care

In Canada, it can be tough to keep up with changing weather patterns – particularly in winter. Certain parts of the country can expect heavy rains, while for others, snow is just a part of the landscape. Properties come in all shapes and sizes but they all collect snow fall. Snow accumulation happens differently in each place. Condo or co-op owners might only have to worry about a single sidewalk per unit, but managers are required to provide more in-depth care. Take the sting out of winter by working with snow removal specialists.

Preparation: Gorillas are trained to watch the skies and that sets us apart from the competition. Instead of dealing with whatever falls from above, our experts monitor weather reports and storm fronts. By knowing what exactly is coming in, Gorillas can create a schedule that keeps clients from getting buried. Routinely serviced spaces can have snow cleared away before you even know it has fallen.

Equipment: Different areas require different methods to get expert results. Some areas might require shovels while blowers or plows are needed for larger spaces like parking lots. This might sound complicated but the good news is that our Gorillas come prepared! Experts are outfitted with all the necessary tools to keep your space looking its best.

Cost: Not everyone has snow plows or blowers tucked away in the garage. These items take up time and money, not only to purchase up front but to maintain as well. No matter how well you take care of it, machinery has a shelf life. Calling in a professional service means you get all the access without any of the upkeep. Gorilla Property Services offers competitive pricing and expert results so your snow removal and salting doesn’t have to break the bank!