No matter where you are in Canada, the cost of properties seem to just keep going up. Every day, the real estate market is being flooded with new listings, so it can be hard to set your home apart. In a competitive climate, every bit counts and that is why our Gorillas are here to help. If your regular property maintenance hasn’t been so regular, a full-service Gorilla clean up can help your listing put its best foot forward. Getting your home looking its best improves curb appeal but it can also speed up home inspections and add value to your listing.

Common Areas for Concern

When purchasing a property, potential buyers are taught to look for a few key factors before committing to a space:

Roofs: Roofs are one of the most important parts of any property. They are a safety and security measure but they are also a very expensive replacement or repair when necessary. When they are cared for regularly, a roof can last decades but if they are neglected, they might only last half this time. Potential buyers don’t want to commit to an extra expense! Having a roof cleaning and moss removal before listing can offer up a great visual and allow for proper assessment of the condition of your roof. If surfaces are buried in clutter or covered in moss, home inspectors cannot properly see what they are dealing with.

Invasive Growth: Moss is a real problem when trying to sell your home. Moss, algae and mold are known to spread quickly over homes all across Canada – and they tend to take over! Algae can damage hard materials like concrete driveways and retaining walls, creating another obstacle for potential buyers. Have a Gorilla treat these areas with pressure washing or more delicate materials like stucco or vinyl siding with soft washing.

Windows: Replacing windows is expensive and it can be a huge inconvenience. Property maintenance specialists suggest having windows professionally cleaned twice annually but this isn’t always the case. Even if you have missed out on the last few cleanings, it is not too late to improve the look and condition of your windows. A crystal clear view, along with streak-free clean can improve the outlook from those inside and out.

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are staying put, there is never a bad time to increase property values. Giving new life to your property is difficult all on your own, but our Gorillas make it a breeze.