Now that snow has begun to melt away, the surfaces around your property are starting to show. Things that have been covered up or buried for the last few months are finally seeing the light of day – and they are not always a great sight. Green grass is always welcome but seeing green across your rooftop is a real problem. If you find yourself dealing with unwanted growth, have a Gorilla help with a roof cleaning and moss removal service.

What Moss Means For You

Roof clutter does not look great, even at the best of times. In addition to looking terrible, organic clutter holds on to moisture. This moisture paves the way for unwanted growth; moss in particular! When moss begins to take root on your roof, there are nothing but problems to follow. Moss spreads around shingling, damaging materials as it goes. At its best, your roof can withstand a lot from the outside elements but when materials are softened or damaged, a roof can’t do its job.

Available For Routine Maintenance

The best way to keep moss and roof clutter at bay is to make your roof cleaning and moss removal, a routine operation. Twice annual maintenance limits growth and makes a healthy lifespan for your roof. Not every property will have the same rate of growth. Shade, surrounding plant life and climate all play a role in the condition of your roof. If you are unable to make the climb for decluttering, just have a Gorilla handle it for you.

Hitting Heights This Spring