gutter cleaning

There is no denying that Canadian property owners are currently dealing with rainfall and big dumps of snow. This is hard enough to handle from the ground, but all this moisture has to go somewhere. Homes, commercial spaces and strata properties  are designed to take falling and melting water and transport it out and away from construction materials. This process only works when systems are running smoothly and a clogged gutter is anything but smooth. Don’t let something as treatable as a blocked eavestrough cause damage when you can call in a Gorilla!

The Downside of Blockages

When indoors, a blocked pipe does not go unnoticed for long but an eavestrough can skate by for months – or even years! While it is easy to forget about this drainage system, organic material is always collecting. Heavy items sink low, creating a foundation layer that traps lighter pieces of debris on top. When pathways are blocked, water backs up and softens construction materials. Weakened parts of your property open the door for water damage, mould growth and other issues with your property. Don’t wait until it is too late to have a professional service tackle your gutter system. In addition to property damage, sitting water and a damp environment are pretty inviting for pests. With holes in materials, insects and rodents can sneak in, taking over your property in no time at all. When you notice slow draining water, there is only one service to call – Gorilla Property Services!

Going Gorilla

Our Gorillas arrive on-scene with the right safety tools and technique to get the job done properly. Instead of taking a risk with rickety ladders and by-hand results, let our specialists handle your blockages with high-pressure vacuums, water testing and a trained eye. Instead of scooping out obvious clogs, treat your system completely with a bit of help from a Gorilla. Our experts treat the entirety of your drainage system, monitoring downspouts as well as covered and uncovered areas.