With Halloween and other holidays coming soon, you are probably thinking about how you are going to decorate your house and not which cleaning products you will need to get it ready. Of course, you want to create a spooky and scary look, but your dirty walkways and windows shouldn’t be scarier than your Halloween decorations!

A close-up of the current condition of your property may shock owners, managers and even tenants but don’t panic! We are here to help you make your property shine and create a service plan that works for you.

What we can offer:

Window cleaning

Our Gorilla technicians provide exterior and interior window cleaning services. We use biodegradable, earth friendly cleaning solutions, and pure rubber squeegees to use on the glass, which makes your windows sparkle and shine without leaving behind the static charge that attracts more dirt, buildup, and grime.

Pressure washing

Let us impress you with a clean exterior for your home or commercial property. Our Gorilla professional power washing services can take years of dirt, grime, mildew or algae off of your area in minutes. By combining eco-friendly cleansing solutions and pressure washers, our Gorillas are able to bring the best possible results to our clients.

Soft washing

Soft washing uses a soft approach to clean delicate materials. Whether it’s stucco, siding or just an aging area, we will give your residential or commercial property a brand-new look. Safety is Gorilla’s priority; our team of experts use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This means clean surfaces without having to introduce harsh chemicals into your living space.

Gutter cleaning

Clearing away debris from your gutters and the surfaces of your roof protects materials from being softened, preventing water damage and costly repairs in the future. In order to make sure that your gutters are fully cleaned every time, our team uses high-powered vacuums to remove even the thinnest foundation layers of debris that run inside your gutter system. We provide flow-testing in order to confirm complete removal and smooth-running system before we consider the job is done. We can even fly our drone over and take pictures for your review!

Snow removal

Make sure your neighbours can get to your house and see your Halloween creativity. As we know the weather may surprise us even in October. With Gorilla property services you are always ready if the snow falls. Instead of spending your time and energy stuck outside in the cold, have a Gorilla handle snow and ice removal around your property. Our team is highly trained and equipped with top of the line tools, from snow blowers to plows to take care of any property type. (Call your local Gorilla to see if snow removal services are available in your region).

Why Choose A Gorilla

As a property manager, you have got a lot of ground to cover. House cleaning services are difficult enough with a single property, never mind multiple. Calling in a cleaning company for your property cleanup can help to set up your Halloween fun or make taking it down, easy. Our team arrives on scene with all of the necessary cleaning supplies, from power tools to warm water supplies and microfiber cloths for a full service clean.

Don’t waste your time cleaning when you can enjoy your time decorating your property and let us take care of your exterior conditions. Call a Gorilla Team today or book online for our property cleaning services. Our experts not only offer deep cleans but helpful cleaning tips for a top to bottom shine.