Dear friends, it is that time of year again – the leaves are changing, cool breezes are sweeping the lands and gutters, once again, need to be cleaned.

Throughout spring and summer organic debris falls from tree tops and other areas, carried by the wind until it finds a new home on top of your property. We understand that you will want to squeeze every available drop of summer that is left before the winds of winter come rolling in, so why not let our Gorillas tackle your gutter cleaning for you.

Just because you can’t always see your gutters, does not mean that they are not a hugely important part of your home or business. In Canada, our winters are known to be rain-ridden or snow-covered and this makes non-functioning gutters a huge problem. When gutters are not cleared away, the falling rain or melting snow produces water and without a proper draining system, this water can back up, damaging the structure of your gutters, and even your roof. This sitting water is also an attractant for insects and small rodents, a virtual invitation to take up residents in and around your home. It is only a matter of time before these neighbours turn into house-guests!

Don’t take a chance this winter, call our Gorillas and let us perform your gutter cleaning professionally, quickly and personably.