As we roll into December, North America is divided into those who are putting on their snow suits and those that are throwing on their gardening gloves. Planting season might be over but the time for tidying is not. Whether you have experienced your first snow fall or not, there is never a bad time to give your gutters a little T.L.C..

Professional gutter cleaning services are able to remove even the trickiest of clogs and blockages. Natural beauty and landscapes are part of what make the West such a great place to call home but plant life around properties can do a lot of damage to perimeter drains and systems. Luckily, there are Gorillas in your area, ready and willing to empty pipes and scrub those gutters clean.

Gutter Blockages: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There is no end to what you might find stuffed into your perimeter drains. Depending on the type of plant life that surrounds your property, owners and managers can expect a ton of different types of debris. All items, great and small contribute to blockages in their own way.

Needles and Twigs: Pine trees and firs are a staple of the Canadian identity but they are also part of what plagues perimeter drains. As seasons change (or weather becomes turbulent) needles are shaken off of branches, which make their way onto rooftops and ultimately into gutters. Part of the problem with these needles is their size and weight. These items fall to the bottom of drains, building up a layer and holding onto moisture, even trapping other, lighter items.

Pine Cones and Seed Pods: If needles cling to the bottom of drains, then pinecones sit on top of this bottom layer. These larger items act as hurdles for both other items, as well as rain fall and snow melt.

Leaves: Leaves are some of the lightest debris that you can expect to find in gutters but they are also some of the most common. As water flows, it carries leaves into both covered and uncovered areas of your system. Even if you can’t see clogs forming, there may be something happening behind the scenes in downspouts.

Gorillas Vs. Gutters

Instead of letting clogs form, opt for at least once annual gutter cleaning. Our team of local property care experts have all the tools and techniques to vacuum up any and all debris that is preventing your system from running smoothly. From here, any sitting dust or dirt can be scrubbed away, leaving behind a clean slate.