A drop in temperature might keep most residents stuck indoors but it does not deter street artists. No matter the time of year, graffiti is a serious problem for property owners. Whether you are dealing with unwanted paint jobs at home or work, graffiti is always bad news. Even a small tag can drag down curb appeal, drive customers away and mean more work for property owners. Instead of letting a bit of vandalism make a statement about your space, call a Gorilla instead.

Problematic Paints

Many artists are passionate about their craft but some are just looking to make a statement. An unappealing design is one thing but offensive drawings or hate speech is even worse. It is easy to see why quick action is necessary but trying to rush the process with Do-It-Yourself techniques is never a good idea. Even with the best of intentions, an amateur approach can do more harm than good. Regular paint thinners will cause stains to drip down walls, extending stains and making the stain bigger. Even if you do manage to contain the discolourations of the main design, there is always overspray to contend with. Leaving overspray behind creates a sort of reversed shadow, leaving an outline of where the design had originally been.

The Trick to Proper Removal

One mistake that many property owners make is to assume that all spray paint is creating equal. Each type, style and brand of these has its own attributes and these are what make proper removal so tricky. Some paints might be water-soluble while others are designed to withstand rain. After years in the industry, our team of Gorilla experts treat stains not only based on the condition of your paint but of the condition of your property as well. Instead of pointing and shooting a pressure washer, only to cause damage, full assessments are included in every service. Our Gorillas are also fully insured for anything that might happen while they are on the job.

If your property is making the wrong statement, let us help change the tone! Whether it is new paint, old paint, simple stains or more complicated designs, there is nothing that our Gorillas can’t handle.