Cold temperatures might push most people indoors but street artists are a breed of their own. During summer months, property owners (especially those in high traffic areas) almost expect graffiti. The truth is that unwanted paint jobs can happen anywhere and at any time – even in winter!

DIY graffiti removal is never a good idea but when temperatures drop below zero, the wrong approach or technique can create unsafe environments and unnecessary damage. If regular graffiti removal is complicated, winter ups the ante! Luckily, it has never been easier to avoid potential property damage and injury – just call the pros!

What’s So Bad About Winter?

Spray paint is problematic no matter the season but winter poses its own unique set of issues, namely ice formation and sun baking. An offensive phrase or design can ruin a reputation or sales day but amateur attempts at winter-time removal can mean costly repairs, replacements, by-law infractions and fines or even liability suits.

Water Pooling: There are plenty of aerosol paints on the market, designed to suit different materials and situations. Some of these are easily treated while others require a trained eye and specialty tools. Even if paint is water soluble, technique is key to proper removal. Spraying and scrubbing is the most common first approach to any graffiti design but during winter, water leads to ice. As water fills the cracks and crevices around walkways, owners are just asking for trouble! Professional graffiti removal during winter means spray paint is removed without any problem areas being left behind.

Delayed Removal: It is easier to hide out indoors when the weather outside is frightful. Graffiti is often offensive or ugly but when dealing with smaller, tags or inoffensive designs, it is easy to let these fly under the radar. Procrastinating is common but it when dealing with property maintenance, it is never a good idea. The longer that you wait, the worse stains become, sun baking into the façade of your space, making removal even harder. Delayed treatments can also mean attracting new designs.

Graffiti Removal: Calling All Gorillas

When you choose Gorilla Property Services for your graffiti removal needs, property owners can rest assured that they are getting the best results, competitive pricing and a safe environment. After years in the industry, our experts know how to look out for potential problem areas for pooling and can treat them accordingly.

In order to stay on top of spray paint, Gorilla crews offer scheduled services for homes and commercial properties, as well as emergency call-outs.