Since the 1970’s, street art has moved to the forefront of the art world, marrying culture and colour to create beautiful murals all across the world. Some of these might be outdoors on commission, as a part of a festival or might be done on canvas for a gallery showing, but they are different than the unwanted paint jobs seen on the street.

For graffiti artists, every blank wall is a new canvas. It may be a public building, a billboard, or a train car but more often than not, these paint jobs fall on the sides of homes and businesses. Tons of property owners are keen to spruce up their space but tags and offensive designs are not the way to do it.

Tags: For many street artists, a tag is not only their signature – it is their brand. Some vandals are after quantity instead of quality. This can mean having small marks splashed across tons of properties while others are large, colourful and can take up whole walls. More than being ugly, tags invite competition. Artists are creative but they also like to claim territory. One tag will attract another and another – and another! – until you are dealing with layers of tough-to-remove-paint.

Offensive Symbols/Designs: Plenty of vandalism is done purely for shock value. Some vandals are out to prove a point or make a statement and this is often done through offensive text or designs. These are not only ugly but they can ruin the first impression that your property has on the outside world. A bad reputation is bad for homes but it is even worst for businesses. Hateful patterns can drive business away, ruining your sales day and making life more difficult than it needs to be.

Places to Paint

Instead of fighting street art, some communities are leaning in! Community graffiti walls are popping up from coast to coast, displaying local talent in a controlled way, but when paint spills out of these areas and onto your property, it takes a Gorilla to get it off.

One of the best aspects of a Gorilla-Grade clean is that it is done in a multi-step, environmentally friendly approach. Eco-friendly cleansers and disinfectants break down obvious surface stains, allowing experts to assess the severity of your stains underneath. From here, the right tool for the job is chosen, whether it be a pressure washer or a new paint job, our highly-trained crews get the best results every time.