When the sun comes out, so do street artists. Warmer temperatures mean unrest which almost always leads to graffiti. Just because your home or workspace has been hit with an unwanted mural doesn’t mean that you are stuck with it. Ugly designs or offensive language are a dime a dozen but more than looking awful, these unwanted paint jobs can mean property damage if left untreated. This might sound daunting but to our Gorillas, it is just another day at the office! Call one of our experts to ditch the paint and avoid the damage.

Knock Out Negativity

There are plenty of types of graffiti out there, not all of which is an eyesore. It is not difficult to spot a well-designed mural or tag, especially in an urban environment. Tags act as signatures, left behind by street artists to leave their mark – a bit like marking territory. The trouble with these is that a single signature can attract ten more by way of competition. Instead of seeing a rival’s name splashed on a wall or sidewalk, other graffiti vandals will leave their mark in a bigger and more visible way.

More than tags or murals, one of the prime issues facing property owners are offensive designs and hate speech. Whether you are dealing with curse words or racially motivated slurs, these designs are bad for business. When the exterior of your space is what make its first impressions, it is important to make the right one. Instead of letting offensive designs sit, our Gorillas make these our top priority! By providing quick removal services, our expert services are able to get the best results while providing clients with a clean slate.

Quick Action, Expert Results

More than just saving face, timely service can mean the difference between a simple removal and a troublesome one. Over time, sunlight bakes paint deeper into the façade of walls, making it even more difficult to remove. When this is the case, typical removal techniques are not enough to remove designs entirely but leave shadows behind. When you want to get rid of paint completely, it is important to call in a professional right away.

Quick action is great in theory, but what about those spaces that already have standing graffiti? After years in the industry, our team of experts have come up with a system that can remove paint (or cover it up) after minutes or years.