Every property owner knows that there are some chores that they can handle themselves and that there are others better left for the professionals. Dryer vent cleaning is one of those maintenance tasks better outsourced to the experts and your area. Cleaning vents is dirty, eats up time and, without the right training, is difficult to perform. Instead of suffering through clogs and blockages, call a Gorilla to clear out problem areas.

The Downside of DIY

The inside of a dryer vent is not smooth but has plenty of places for debris to collect. Sure, every clothes dryer is outfitted with a lint trap but a mesh screen can only get you so far. With every cycle, bits of lint and debris sneak passed traps and become lodged in your system, creating health and fire hazards and limiting the ability of your appliance. There’s no question that banishing blocks is a necessary evil, so why not do it yourself? Without the right tools, there is no way to properly clean around corners or be sure that blockages are dealt with.

Calling in a Gorilla for your dryer vent cleaning means expert results, delivered quickly and professionally. Most DIY vent and duct cleaning services involve dusters or rags that only scratch the surface of build up. Instead of temporary relief, our Gorillas provide a deep-down clean by using specialty vacuums and tools to not only remove clogs but to scrub vents clean. This added touch ensures that problem areas don’t attract new dirt, so your system stays cleaner for longer.

Multi-unit living spaces are increasingly possible all over Canada. Apartment buildings and condo complexes might save space but they still need to keep up with amenities and demand. Routine Gorilla services keep your property running smoothly and avoids the risk associated with dryer fires and other health risks.