Moisture is a real problem for Canadian property owners. Your roof and walls might do a good job keeping it out but it leaves them worse for the wear. When it comes to combatting rainy weather, the most valuable tool that you have in your arsenal is your gutter system. Whether you call it a gutter or an eavestrough, the perimeter drain system running along your roof is vital to the smooth running of your property. As important as these fixtures might be, they are difficult to keep clean. Instead of struggling with slow draining or impassable gutters, call a Gorilla for your gutter cleaning service.

Over the course of the year, all different types of debris fall to the surface of your roof. Most roof shapes are designed to let this clutter roll off of surfaces, but this often means that it is also directed right into your gutter system. With both opened and unopened areas, your eavestrough collects seed pods, needles, leaves, sticks and even pests. This creates blockages in reachable and unreachable areas that just cannot be removed by hand.
When it comes to conquering your clogged gutters, our Gorillas have all the tools, technique and training to get the job done right. Using high-powered vacuums can remove small to moderate items, while the larger pieces of debris are pulled out with paws. Once your system appears to be clear of all major blockages, pipes and downspouts are water tested. By confirming that water is free-flowing, our Gorillas can be sure that there is nothing hiding out behind the scenes.

Call today to speak with one of our Gorillas and get the ball rolling on your gutter cleaning.

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