Getting hit with graffiti once is bad but getting it repeatedly is frustrating. Street artists are often stubborn and it is not uncommon for a clean wall to be treated like a blank canvas. Getting hit with an unwanted paint job can be a shock to any property owner, but when it becomes a regular occurrence, you are in trouble!

Why Are You a Target

There are plenty of reasons that your home or storefront might become a target for street artists. Some of these attractants might be within your control while others, unfortunately, just can’t be changed.

When it comes to unwanted tags or designs, your property might be hit while your neighbour is not. Favouritism among graffiti vandals is common but there are a few things to consider when your space is constantly being splashed by paint.

Location: High traffic areas tend to mean more graffiti and it isn’t that surprising. The higher the population or visibility, the higher your risk of getting “tagged”. Owning property in the downtown core means being at constant risk of vandalism but that does not mean that residential areas are out of the woods. While you can’t change the location of your space, there are some deterrents that you can install, such as motion lights or cameras.

Sitting Paint: Depending on the size and style of the graffiti on your walls, it is simple enough to just ignore these designs. While you might be able to by-pass paint, other artists might not. Street artists are highly competitive so having a sitting tag might attract the attention of other vandals in the area. This makes getting rid of older graffiti, all the more important.

No matter the underlying reason, graffiti is bad once but it is worse when it is a regular occurrence. Instead of suffering through repeat performances, our Gorillas have come up with a system that helps to treat spray paint no matter how often it happens.

Getting Rid of Graffiti: The Gorilla Guarantee

Property maintenance is tough to keep up with at the best of times. From exterior care to updates and repair, owners and managers are left running all year long – so why let a street artist ruin your scenery?

Choosing a Gorilla for your graffiti removal needs means getting rid of paint, old and new. More than just helping to remove initial paint stains, our specialists work to eliminate shadowing, overspray and to finish off services with an anti-graffiti coating. This coating will not prevent spray paint from happening but it does make removal that much easier. Take the process from difficult, to simple, with one call to a graffiti removal expert.